Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Congress’ character has always been anti-farmer Tomar targets Rahul Gandhi

Congress’ character has always: The Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar, has met a delegation of UP  farmers from Baghpat. He claimed that the farmer’s delegations had submitted him a letter supporting the three farm laws.

While interacting with the media in the national Capital, Narendra Singh Tomar lashed out at Rahul Gandhi over farm law, saying that while meeting with the President Ram Nath Kovind he expressed his intervention to seek to repeal the three agricultural laws. By further taking a jibe at the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Tomar said that if he was so worried then he could have done something for the farmers when his government was in power. He also added that every Congress’s character has always been anti-farmer.

Tomar mocks the Congress leader saying “Whatever Rahul Gandhi says, even Congress party members do not take it seriously.” and claimed that when Rahul Gandhi went to the President with a two crore signatories memorandum repealing against the laws, the farmers said that no one from the party came to get their signatories.

After meeting a delegation of  60 Kisaan Mazdoor Sangh farmers, Tomar quoted that Baghpat farmers asked him that the centre should not bend under any pressure to make an amendment to farm bills. And the raising protest all over the nation, Tomar has met several delegations of farm leaders during the last few days.

Tomar said that they had claimed to be supportive of the reforms.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties, in a joint statement, said that “We register our strong protest against baseless allegations being made by PM accusing opposition parties of “repeatedly lying” to farmers about new farm laws and “using them for their politics”. PM’s accusations are a complete travesty of truth.”

“We demand that the present Agri Laws be repealed along with the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020. Following this, discussions on agrarian reforms must be held by the Central government with the farmers and all stakeholders,” the statement added.

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