Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Rahul’s Left-leaning aides helped Modi brand Congress ‘deshdrohi’, blogs party media head

Rahul’s Left-leaning aides: The “Left-leaning lieutenants” of the Congress are responsible for much of its poor performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, wrote Rachit Seth, the party’s national media coordinator.

“The branding stuck because of Congress’ own inactions and some terrible mistakes,” Seth wrote.

Seth twitted the blog post 3.55 am but it was deleted within an hour, according to sources he was asked to follow the party’s guideline.

Congress former president Rahul Gandhi was about to announce his resignation, on the other hand, Seth’s blog was collecting praise for his honest -but-bruising stock-taking of the direction the party took in the election campaign.

As per Seth said that congress media co-ordinators were advising Rahul Gandi to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi with questions immediately after the Pulwama attack on 14 February terror attack that killed 40 CRPF personnel.

Seth also added from day one we had suggested that Congress president should question the massive intelligence failure during this mission, no air transportation facility to slain CRPF personnel etc.

“But people with more powers around Rahul Gandhi lethargically vetoed this narrative,” Seth wrote.

Seth said that despite Gandhi being “on board with our suggested strategy”, he appeared to dither. He added, “Surely a man, who forcefully and emphatically spearheaded a national security issue like Doklam and the national interest issue like Rafale, should not have waited, had some influential people not advised him to do so,”.

Seth blams the party members, who “vested interests and Left leanings” for Gandhi. As a result, Rahul Gandhi not followed the communication department’s suggestions and finally, he questioned the Modi government almost after a week.

“Since Rahul’s Left-leaning aides of the party, delayed a direct attack on the Modi govt on the sensitive and core issue of national security, the party’s narrative suffered a jolt,” Seth wrote.


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